Barbecue Food at Weddings is the Way Forward!

Barbecue Food at Weddings is the Way Forward!

I’ve been to a couple of weddings over the last month or so, with a few more on the way. This year, in 2013, I’m starting to think that weddings are like buses; you wait forever for one to come along and then they all turn up at once. While I’m not exactly waiting for weddings to come along, especially as the more weddings I go to the more I inevitably get the question “so when is it your turn?” it does feel like everyone in mine and my partners lives suddenly seem to be getting hitched. Thankfully I’m let off from the next few, so I can hang my shirt and tie up for a while and continue to dodge the questions about when I’m finally going to buy a ring.

Barbecue Food at Weddings is the Way Forward!

However, the best thing about weddings (aside from having a few drinks of course, although at £20 for a round of four drinks I bought – one of which was a soft drink – at the last wedding I went to I wasn’t exactly rushing to get to the bar) is the food. Here the bride and groom try to go all out to offer something high quality and maybe a little unique, but there’s still the problem of trying to please everyone. Lately though I’ve noticed a trend for opting for barbecue or roasted foods at weddings, and it’s a trend that I’m well up for when my time finally comes around.

The most recent wedding I went to was on Saturday, over the Easter weekend, and while we weren’t invited to the church service (pah!) we were invited to attend the reception. We arrived after the day guests were done with their sit down meal and were waiting for the night room to be setup along with those who had also only been invited to the party. Obviously you can’t let the new arrivals go without food, although the food at a reception party tends to be less formal than that of the sit down meal (plus, people tend to get hungry when they’re having a drink). However, I was quite impressed with the food they had on offer as it wasn’t just your standard buffet fair.

I sampled every barbecue wedding food there was

I think I sampled everything on offer, but my favourite of the selection are both something you can cook up on your barbecue grill. Firstly were some mouth-wateringly delicious grilled salmon skewers. These were absolutely gorgeous, grilled perfectly with a tasty marinade. They weren’t much different to the grilled salmon skewers recipe listed here, so if you want to try them for yourself then you should definitely give that recipe a try.

The second food was skewers again, but this time it was chicken satays. The difference here is that they were soaking in a tasty barbecue sauce that nearly had me going back for seconds – although I managed to resist for the sake of my quite full stomach! For some brilliant chicken satay recipes have a look here, or check out the the video below for salmon and chicken satay grilling tips.

Amazing barbecue sides

There were other things, such as scrumptious roasted potato wedges and a salad dotted with mozzarella cheese. Offering a salad and other vegetarian options is key for a wedding as not everyone is a meat eater, but as long as there’s at least some choice everyone should be happy. The sit down meal is harder to judge, of course, but you can send out menus ahead of the wedding for people to choose what they like. It means more food needs to be made, but at least people can choose what they like and not end up sitting there hungry because they’ve been served something they won’t eat.

We were invited to the full day of the wedding before that tasty barbecue food wedding, and they had their own excellent food to serve up. The sit down meal was hog roast, which we could see roasting on a spit outside (fair play to the caterers as the weather wasn’t exactly brilliant for cooking outdoors). The reception was probably the best one I’ve ever been to, purely because they served bacon butties! I mentioned before how much I loved bacon, so this was perfect for me.

So, while I trudge off to yet another wedding I’ll be content in the knowledge that , at least so far, unique food has been served up for us to try – often of the barbecued nature! I will definitely try something like that at my own wedding, providing my partner agrees of course, as it’s much better than the traditional dull fair that some weddings have plonked in front of you.

Why not give it a try yourself? I’m sure your guests will love it!